IApioneerâ„¢ is used for imagery exploration and exploitation as part of our common code foundation. As a simple example, IApioneer allows the user to add annotations to images, overlay gridlines and graphics, specify working regions, generate a wide variety of output products, etc. These outputs and overlays can be saved and distributed in multiple formats common among various geosystems. With the integrated tools from GeoGenesis, OmniDEM, and FeatureXTract, IApioneer provides a full end-to-end collection of capabilities. In addition, IApioneer can be used directly with the US Naval Air Command (NAVAIR) Common Geopositioning Services (CGS) to provide advanced point mensuration capabilities for U.S. DoD users. IApioneer is validated by the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for use with CGS. (Note: CGS is available from the US DoD - and is not distributed with IApioneer.)

Functional Detail Listing:
  • Ingest imagery NITF format and export into GeoTIFF format including RPC coefficient support file
  • Annotation
    • Text Boxes
    • Graphical icons
    • Ellipses
    • Polygons
    • Polylines
    • Point Markers
    • Target Circles
  • Grid line densities may be easily changed using preferences menus
  • Launch multiple viewers with imagery covering the same region and allow the user to pan/roam/zoom while maintaining geolinking between viewers
  • Linear and Angular Mensuration
  • Export annotated scenes
  • Download the IApioneer Technical Specifications and Capabilities Summary (*.pdf).

Precision point mensuration when integrated with Common Geopositioning Services (CGS) (Note: CGS is available from the US DoD - and is not distributed with IApioneer.)


IApioneer is compatible with many different data formats. You can display NITF (2.0 & 2.1), ECW, GeoTIFF, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, JPEG/JPEG2000, MrSID, DTED, SRTM, USGS DEM, USGS SDTS, ESRI Shapefile, Presagis OpenFlight and KML/KMZ to just name a few. IApioneer also provides the capability to export the supported input data formats to NITF (2.0 & 2.1), GeoTIFF, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI and many more.

Inspection and Measurement Tools
  • IApioneer has a number of tools for traditional image analysis operations, including
    • A counting tool for persisten tally of objects of interest
    • Tools for computing length and height measurements
    • Angular measurement tools

System Requirements

Required Operating System Windows Vista or later
Required Hard Disk Space 250MB of available disk space
Graphics OpenGL 2.1 supported graphics card

IApioneerâ„¢ was designed under the direction of U.S. Government program sponsors and is based on fully defined user requirements. This includes both function and performance.

Likewise, in addition to offering an improved user experience, the software has been purposefully offered in both government and commercial versions; and this is a key point in times of increasing budget constraints.

Note: IApioneer was developed under an SBIR. The term "SBIR Data Rights" is defined at subparagraph (a)(18) of the clause at DFARS 252-227.7018, and all FARs are applicable in this regard.